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Editorial Mission
The first French language men’s magazine in Quebec, Homme will appeals to straight, discerning men with a high-end lifestyle, who like to be noticed and who want to know about the world around him. Homme will in no way be an elitist magazine. H’s editorial content will remain accessible in order to inform and entertain readers through original and relevant articles on such varied subject matters as news, social issues, entertainment, gastronomy culture, fashion, the environment, technology, vehicles, health & well-being, sexuality, travel and sports.

Our Sections
• Techno
• Fashion
• Lifestyle
• Car
• Interview
• Trip
• Sport

Readership Profile
Homme targets male readers, most, living in urban centres of Quebec. Aged 25 to 49, they may be married or in a common-law marriage, and have young children under the age of 10. With an above average personal income, Homme’s readers consume high-end products and like being the first to discover new products and services. Educated, they like to stay on top on the news and the latest trends and are interested in fashion, new technologies and entertainment. Fine food enthusiasts, they like to discover new flavours, enjoy imported beer and wine, and frequent bars and restaurants in the hopes of discovering new culinary experiences. They take part in cultural activities and go to museums, the movies and concerts. When they take part in outdoor activities, they enjoy going beyond their limits and tackling physical challenges. Finally, they aspire to travel and are open to and interested in discovering new cultures.

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